Worried About Recalls? The NHTSA Has an App for That

The SaferCar app has been around for a while, but it’s mainly served as a more direct route to browse recall information. The update essentially streamlines this process by notifying you whenever a new report happens to include a VIN you’ve marked as relevant.

While there are downloadable applications that do the exact same thing, the free NHTSA app is likely to make them obsolete. It may even help tamp down the number of motorists that are unwittingly driving around in recalled vehicles. The Department of Transportation estimates around 25 percent of vehicles on the road have an unresolved recall — which seems like a lot considering the repairs are required to be taken care of by the manufacturer free of charge.

Regulators released an ad to help promote the updated SaferCar app; it’s not nearly as entertaining as the Cheetah-themed spot the NHTSA launched earlier in the month, but likely more useful to the general public. Frankly, we’re just not sure how many DUI offenses will be offset by a video of a stoned feline cruising the desert in a first-generation Pontiac Firebird. Were he not thrown into jail at the end, one might even accuse the clip of glamorizing driving while under the influence of marijuana. The big cat certainly seemed to be practicing safe driving when Johnny Law came up behind him, raising questions about profiling. Still, he was flagrantly smoking a joint in his convertible. Hardly a wise decision.

At any rate, the recall app will undoubtedly help owners get quicker access to important information pertaining to their vehicle. That goes for friends, too, as there’s seemingly no limit to the number of VINs that can be tracked. It’s available now for Android devices, with iOS coming later this week.

[Image: mitya73/Shutterstock]

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