Will the Ford Bronco Sasquatch Get a Stick After All?


Ford Bronco enthusiasts were happy that you’ll be able to get a manual transmission. But they weren’t so happy when the company announced that the Sasquatch off-road package would only be available with an automatic transmission.

The Twitter push back was intense, and Ford PR did say that the company would consider offering the Sasquatch on manual-transmission models (the stick is only available with the 2.3-liter, four-cylinder engine) if there was enough consumer interest.

Apparently, there is.

Reports have surfaced that there’s a prototype of a Bronco in Badlands trim with the Sasquatch package and the seven-speed manual out there doing testing.

The Sasquatch package provides off-road wheels and tires, locking front and rear differentials, full-time four-wheel drive, fender flares with higher clearance, and a suspension tuned for off-road performance that has Bilstein dampers.

The existence of a prototype equipped with Sasquatch Package and a stick doesn’t mean that we’ll see such a vehicle for sale, of course. But it suggests Ford might be at least investigating how the package will work with a manual.

Ford is giving hope to both the save the manuals crowd and those who believe stick-shifts allow for a better off-road experience.

We’ll see if petitions and angry tweets change Ford’s plans regarding the Sasquatch and the stick.

[Image: Ford]

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