Volkswagen Drops Another ID.4 Teaser Ahead of Reveal

Volkswagen ID.4. Photo: VW

Electric vehicles are sometimes looked upon as being unable to do what internal-combustion engine vehicles can do.

That’s mostly because until recently, ranges haven’t been on pair with ICE engines.

But don’t conflate shorter ranges with lack of ability.

Take the Volkswagen ID.4, for example. Set to be revealed later this month – on September 23, to be precise – the battery-electric crossover can do some light towing.

Up to almost 5,000 lbs.

The official number is 4,900 lbs./1,900 kg. That’s a tad less than Tesla’s Model X SUV (4,960 lbs.) but more than the Jaguar I-Pace (1,653 lbs.).

Yeah, I know. Earth-shattering news! This is just part of the usual dribs and drabs of OEM-approved “leaks” ahead of a debut, meant to tease the new vehicle. We might not even spend the time on a blog post if it today wasn’t such a slow news day that we’ve been wondering if the entire industry just extended Labor Day into an entire week.

This is a big month for VW, though, as the ID.4 will be launching along with a new compact SUV meant to slot below the Tiguan in size. So stay tuned for more details – and perhaps more leaks – if the ID.4 is on your radar.

The 23rd is just 12 days away, after all.

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[Image: Volkswagen via YouTube screenshot]

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