The Tea Leaves Continue to Suggest a Ford Bronco Raptor is On the Way


We all know that scene in Jurassic Park where the island’s designated hunter gets outsmarted by the raptors and becomes their dinner. That dude’s death always bothered me because he was cool, and I hate it when cool characters buy the farm in disaster movies. Also, he seemed smart enough to not be outwitted by the voracious dinos, unlike others in the flick.

Ahem, where was I? Oh yes – Ford might be hiding some Raptors of its own, so to speak. Although instead of disappearing behind bushes, these Raptors are lurking in plain sight on public roads, with only canvas and tape concealing them from those who hunt this type of prey.

We’ve reported on the possibility/likelihood of the Ford Bronco Raptor before, and now our friends at the blog about autos have some pics. Autoblog posits that thanks to wider fender flares, a heavier-duty rear axle, and heavy gussets around the suspension brackets, there’s a good chance this cam-covered Bronco is a Raptor model.

Not to mention that the Bronco shares a good chunk of its underpinnings with the Ranger pickup, which has a Raptor trim for sale in other markets, and that the Bronco has the same coil-spring suspension of said Ranger Raptor, and well, Autoblog comes to the conclusion that yes, folks, this is a Raptor version of the Bronco. Or at least, a trim that offers hopped-up off-road performance, whatever it might be called. Should it be produced, of course.

I tend to agree – not only does that reasoning make sense, but again, we’ve reported on this vehicle, too. Given Jeep’s response to the Bronco’s unveiling and the habit of automakers to get in performance-related pissing contests (especially among the Detroit Three), I’d be shocked if Ford doesn’t produce a Bronco that’s even more bad-ass than what it has shown so far. Regardless of whether it gets called Raptor or not.

The Jeeps in Jurassic Park were cool. But with apologies to FCA/Stellantis, can you imagine if Jurassic Park 20: Aging Jeff Goldblum Needs a Paycheck has these babies on hand for our doomed-to-be-dinosaur-food characters to drive?

Between that and the original JP Explorers, Ford’s marketing possibilities are endless.

Meantime, head to AB for the pics.

[Image: Ford]

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