The Country’s Cheapest Normal* Electric Breaks Out of California

We’ve tested the Hyundai Ioniq Electric not once, but twice. The model first appeared on North American shores in late 2016, offering a driving range that placed it on par with Volkswagen’s e-Golf and just ahead of the soon-to-be-defunct first-gen Nissan Leaf.

Hyundai relegated American Ioniq Electrics to the green-happy state of California, and maintained that there was no news to share on a possible expansion of availability when I contacted the company a number of months back. Well, things changed. According to CarsDirect, Ioniq Electrics are now appearing on lots in Massachusetts and Maryland.

Derek Joyce, Hyundai’s senior manager of product and advanced powertrain PR, Senior Manager Product and Advanced Powertrain PR, said the automaker is now shipping plug-in and electric Ioniqs to all CARB states. “2018 retail sales were mostly CARB states for both and we plan to continue that trend as we seek more supply to meet demand beyond,” he said.


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