Super Bowl LIV Car Commercial Live(ish) Blog

It’s that day – Super Bowl Commercial Sunday!

I’ll be sharing the automotive commercials as they appear during the game. Keep refreshing this post so you can stay up-to-date.

First Quarter

Well, so far we’ve had car-adjacent spots for Fast 9 and for the Daytona 500. Still waiting for something good.

Porsche – we saw this one for the Taycan early last week. Still cool.

Second Quarter

Well, that was an eventful first quarter..of football. Commercials – not so much.

Hyundai – a bunch of annoying Bostonians upset that Tom Brady isn’t playing tonight.

Genesis – Chrissy Teigen and John Legend show us the luxury of the new GV80.

Weathertech – I guess it’s automotive-adjacent. It’s just a damned cute dog.


LeBron James and the new Hummer EV to be built in Hamtramck. Really, it should be built in Lordstown – not far from LeBron’s hometown of Akron!


What is with Terry Bradshaw’s hat?

Third Quarter

I’m a bit disturbed by that Sam Elliott/Lil Nas X ad. Not even sure what it was selling.

Kia discusses youth homelessness while introducing the Seltos.

Fourth Quarter

Robin Sparkles – excuse me, Cobie Smulders – fits everyone into the 2021 Toyota Highlander.

Jeep wins Super Groundhog Sunday Bowl with Bill (and Brian Doyle) Murray and the Gladiator:

Audi – Let It Go already.

And with a splash of orange Gatorade, that’s it for me. Good night, and thanks for all the shrimp.

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