Stacks of Gen-Z Won Incoming: Hyundai Ioniq EV Brand Endorsed by Famous K-pop Band

“BTS have broken boundaries across music, fashion and culture since bursting onto the global stage,” claims Hyundai. “The global boyband have made their ambitions clear for the world to see as they have gone about building their empire of adoring fans, delivering a message of positivity and hope.”

While we’re hard pressed to believe boybands have offered society anything new since the first days of the barbershop quartet, BTS’ fame remains undeniable. Adhering to the familiar recipe of amassing a gaggle of golden-throated youngsters and affixing them with easily digestible, one-dimensional (yet contrasting) personas has payed off massively for whatever corporate entity owns their souls. Their fandom encompasses the entire globe and is comprised of some of the most ardent supporters of anything we’ve ever encountered. For example, during some light research into the band we learned that they’re routinely attacked by rabid fans while traveling. A Londoner recently paid $150,000 to get plastic surgery in order to look like one of the members.

Hyundai wants to borrow a piece of that hype for itself and has commissioned the boys — all of whom inexplicably possess bowl haircuts  to write a song in celebration of its new EV brand. What follows is some of the most blatant marketing copy ever witnessed, along with an overproduced piece of music that taps into individual moments that are allegedly important to each member of the seven-person band. Take note: this music is “[empowering] you to live life your own way, in an eco-friendly way.”

The group have been prolific in their progress throughout the music business, pursuing positivity and delivering a message of infinite possibilities and potential. It has been a vision very much at the core of the group, but during their rise to global stardom the band evolved, establishing each member very much as an individual, all with unique personalities and distinct lifestyles.

This appreciation for the power of individuality translates to the world of modern mobility. This desire for experiences that meet individual lifestyles has been translated into Hyundai’s upcoming dedicated EV line-up brand, IONIQ.

Sounds laughable, right? Well, it’s already worked incredibly well. The song, which includes profound lyrics such as “when you run restlessly and get out of energy, I will charge you up. I’m on it, chasing my chance. Ioniq takes me there,” has already surpassed 980,000 views on YouTube  despite having been uploaded one day ago. That obliterates most global automotive ad campaigns we’ve encountered. It’s worth noting that the brunt of the comments seems to be from dire-hard fans with BTS-themed icons praising the unfathomable beauty of their favorite member’s vocal style.

Still, we don’t think Hyundai missed its target audience, hitting a bunch of BTS fans too young to purchase an automobile. It has made the new 2 minute, 30 second song exclusively downloadable on its own website until September 2nd. Most hardcore fans won’t wait until then to get it, however, and will undoubtedly be interested in the Hyundai x BTS music players being offered. By the time Ioniq expands its lineup to include the terribly named 5 crossover (coming in 2021), 6 sedan (2022), and 7 large crossover (2024), many BTS fans will be a little older, and perhaps interested in purchasing a vehicle.

Meanwhile, Hyundai plans to continue running with this marketing style for its EV products  maintaining a focus on making environmentalism trendy while offering customers a bought personality through one of several upcoming Ioniq products that cater to “distinct lifestyles.”

Let us know your favorite BTS member in the comments — if you have the fortitude to choose just one!

[Images: Hyundai]

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