Splitvolt Fast EV Charger Debuts at CES

EVSplitvolt has answered two major drawbacks to electric vehicle (EV) ownership, slow charging and costly rewiring. Their Splitvolt Splitter Switch is a game-changer, rolling out this week at the virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES).


Splitvolt Inc. is one of those techie, geeky Silicon Valley startups you wouldn’t normally hear about. Daniel Liddle, the founder and CEO, put together a team to address the pain points that would definitely keep me from adopting any EV: Simple and inexpensive power access, and fast recharging.

What the Splitter Switch does that’s mind-boggling is to use your existing 240-volt dryer socket, a standard household NEMA 14-30 wall socket that you already have if you have an electric dryer. Plugging the Splitvolt SPS 02-032 into the wall socket, you now have one NEMA 14-30 for your dryer, and one NEMA 14-50 socket for use with your EV charger.

A new product category, an EV Splitter Switch, shares your existing 240-volt dryer socket to provide full 24-amp power on demand, to dry your clothes, recharge your EV charger, or the vehicle itself. According to the company, it will deliver power to charge your car seven times faster, bypassing the cost, complexity, and time required to have an electrician install a new power circuit. In some locations, this may entail having to get a permit, another of those EV ownership drawbacks.

Plug it in, and Splitvolt seamlessly switches power on demand between your dryer and your EV, without having to do so manually. It displays real-time power usage information on a color screen and includes an internal circuit breaker for additional power protection. Real-time voltage, current, temperature, kilowatt-hours (kWh), and status indicators are there for those of you who must know what’s going on with the Splitter Switch at all times. There’s also an integrated 25-amp circuit breaker with easy reset for additional protection. 

Splitvolt utilizes standard household NEMA 14-30 sockets and is compatible with common EVs from automakers including FCA, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Tesla, Volkswagen, and Volvo. Splitvolt is also compatible with third-party chargers sold in North America, such as Clipper Creek, Besen, and their own line of chargers, extension cables, and adapters. For this configuration, the charger must be set at the maximum safe-charging rate of 24 Amps.

The Switch monitors, displays, and transfers full 24-amp power-on-demand between the attached devices. The introductory price of $319 sounds like a real bargain, although at the time this was written, the product’s safety certifications were in process, and they have not received UL/CE approval yet.

[Images: Splitvolt]

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