Retiree Trades Quintet of Toyota MR2s for One Mazda MX-5

Last week, a retired college professor walked into Missouri’s Coad Toyota with an interesting proposal. He was willing to part with five first-generation Toyota MR2s as a trade-in for a gently used 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata.

Considering the amount of maintenance five vintage MR2s must require, maybe he’s not the absolute madman we initially presumed. Since the deal went down in Missouri, he probably spent a ludicrous portion of his time on rust prevention alone. 

According to The Drive, the Mk1 models include one example from each of the first five years of production (1985-1989) — three of which have fewer than 85,000 miles on the odometer. However, that wasn’t even the entirety of his collection. Last year, the man sold another first-generation MR2 before purchasing a new Toyota Tacoma.

After posting about the trade-in on social media, prospective buyers reached out to the seller from across the nation in the hopes of purchasing one of the cars. If you’re interested in one, you’re out of luck. They’ve all been sold at this point.

Ben Brotherton, sales manager at Coad Toyota, said the man claimed he had fulfilled his dream of collecting every model year of the first-generation MR2 and no longer wanted to deal with the hassle of maintaining them. He felt the MX-5 would provide sufficient thrills in their absence. Here’s hoping he’s right; it’ll probably be a while before he comes cross half a dozen replacement MR2s.

[Image: COPI at Coad by Ben Brotherton]

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