Red Bull supercar released their new car to the public , but at an insane price

Red Bull – Announced a project to build the first hypercar to be called the RB17, and its production will be limited to fifty Red Bull cars, only steam-built at the Red Bull Center for Advanced Technology.

The RB17 will be built under the leadership of technical director Adrian Newey, whose designs for Red Bull cars have won four Formula One championships for the team in the constructors’ category. 1,100 hp, the car will be designed to accommodate two passengers with a carbon fiber cabin body base.

The price of the Red Bull will start at more than 5 million pounds per car or the equivalent of 6 million US dollars, and production will start in 2025 The factory provides maintenance and repair services for each of the fifty cars.


Commenting on the launch of the new car, Red Bull Team Principal Christian Homer said: “The RB17 represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the Red Bull High Tech division, which is now fully capable of creating and building a commercial production car in-house. The first time a car bearing the Red Bull logo was available for sale to collectors of rare cars.”

“The RB17 sums up everything we know about making sports cars that can win Formula 1 races and puts it into one package that delivers the highest levels of performance possible in a two-passenger racing car,” he added. “Driven by our passion for performance at every stage, the RB17 drives With design and technical limits beyond what was available to car enthusiasts and collectors of rare cars.”

The manager explained that the name of the car refers to the 17 seasons in which Red Bull cars participated in Formula 1, and of course, the letters RB refer to the initials of the team name Red Bull.