QOTD: Sailing Past Sinking Ships in 2019?

Last Wednesday, our Question of the Day asked which automaker you wished well in 2019. Today we take a different approach, and ask which automaker doesn’t need any of your positive internet thoughts and prayers.

The question is a simple one: Which single manufacturer do you think is best positioned to succeed in 2019? This OEM don’t need to change many things around, as in your view they’re doing things (mostly) the right way.

Though ’tis a simple enough question at its base, the more one ponders, the more difficult it becomes. A few passing thoughts came and went while struggling for the correct answer:


Trucks and SUV/CUV action = good. Closing plants and cancelling models = bad. But GM hasn’t closed the factories yet.


The new Ranger, though expensive, seems pretty okay. Trucks and SUV/CUV action is good. Cancelling all cars save the Mustang = bad. Mobility!


The company has fifty billion different CUV offerings, and considerable fleet sales for that tasty volume. But it also has a few legal issues with its recently ousted chairman, and that might spell a rocky road forward.


Broad product offering is very good. But M-B has stooped lower and lower into bargain-basement lease customer territory, and here in 2019 their long-term reliability is pretty questionable.

Mercedes-Benz GLA, X156, 2017

Every manufacturer I considered has a chink in its armor; something they’re not doing quite right. Alas, I don’t have an answer for today’s question. But perhaps one of you can convince me there’s a manufacturer standing out above the rest in 2019.

[Image: Ford, Mercedes-Benz]

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