QOTD: Level-set for the C8 Vette?

Between 1953 and a few weeks ago, the Chevrolet Corvette stuck to a very specific formula: Engine at the front, driven wheels at the back. With the debut of the 2020 C8 Corvette, all of that changed. Today we want to find out what you think about the metamorphosis of an iconic sports car nameplate.

Upon its announcement, every automotive outlet trumpeted how the front-engine Corvette was dead. While opinions from the public have been mixed, Corvette loyalists have had a more negative view of the changes coming to their favorite car. Said loyalists have a point given the history of the model. But should that really matter here in The Current Year?

Image: 1991 CorvetteIt’s easy enough to argue that General Motors did as much as it could with the Corvette’s traditional layout. The turn toward a mid-engine layout will undoubtedly reap benefits from a performance perspective (and at a value price). Perhaps that’s the core of Corvette loyalist complaints: Their beloved accessible performance car will now be something much more serious.

Image: 1954 Chevrolet Corvette ConvertibleThere are more than a couple of facets to address here. Are you okay with the fact that General Motors left the traditional Corvette layout in the dust? Secondly, given the entirely new format of the C8 Corvette (and its accompanying new looks), do you think it should still wear the same name? Or, would it be more appropriate to call it something else — C8 Grand Sport, perhaps? Maybe this new model is such a change in direction that the ties of old can be completely broken. Layout, looks, heritage be damned!

Bright future or bitter feels? Off to you.

[Images: Chevrolet, seller]

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