Opinion: A Mustang-inspired EV Spells an End to the Traditional Mustang

You see, it seems to yours truly that Ford’s attempting to conjure an electric Mustang lineage out of thin air. A four-door body style that’s CUV in nature (sales hotness), is likely all-wheel drive, and which utilizes an all-electric drivetrain. Now why would they do such a thing? Does that sound like any Mustang to you?

No. Ford is in development of a new EV model, spending those development dollars at a very interesting and not coincidental time. Think about the existing Mustang model: It’s plenty old, and due for replacement circa 2021 with a new model. And at the same time, here’s a brand new Mustang-like EV to anticipate shortly before its November 17th release.

This EV will most likely spell the end of the traditional Mustang format. By traditional I mean two-doors, coupe or fastback shape, rear-drive, and an engine which has some gasoline in it. “No way!” you’ll think, “Mustang owners will never give up their V8!” But there won’t be a choice here. 2021 arrives, there’s a new Mustang. The V8 passes during the first refresh around 2024, leaving turbo fours. Next step, perhaps a year or two later: greater hybridization. But that’ll be alright, because the ultimate consolation prize arrives with a final refresh (or even earlier): all-wheel drive. By the time all of these pieces fall into place, the 2021-22 Mustang will be long in the tooth — time for a Commemorative Final Run Edition.

Meanwhile, the Mustang EV4 (as I’ll call it) grows in popularity. The motoring press approves of this sporty new Mustang that’s “way more practical than any Mustang should ever be.” Its refinement praised, families can’t wait to get their hands on the new electric crossover. Dads can relive the Fox bodies and New Edge Mustangs of their youth, since their Mustang EV can now carry their kids and all their junk, in real Mustang style.

The two separate Mustang paths converge upon one another, and it’s time for the consolidated product: Mustang-inspired EV and regular hybrid Mustang become the singular EV Mustang. Perhaps in four-door coupe CUV style, just like Mercedes makes.

And just as Americans have given up their convertibles, luxury coupes, station wagons, and minivans before, so too will they give up their pony cars. Sales of the traditional Mustang are falling year over year, its customer base shrinking. The Mustang EV4 is the future, and that’s a fact.

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