No Donut Doors for 2021 Ford Bronco, According to Report


You’ve seen those two-door 2021 Ford Broncos with doors that have a cutout in the middle. They’re called donut doors, because, well, they look like a donut, kind of. They look cool. Unfortunately, they won’t make production for safety reasons, according to a report.

Ford had never actually said the doors would make production, but they were shown in some factory pics after the model unveiling earlier this year, and it was assumed by observers that the doors would be factory options or perhaps offered as accessories.

The reason the doors won’t be available is simple: They wouldn’t comply with safety standards.

However, tubular doors appear to have passed crash testing and will be offered as aftermarket accessories, including by Ford itself. So not all is lost for the off-roader who wants to have doors that aren’t completely solid.

When they’re on the vehicle, that is — the Bronco still has removable doors, of course.

They just won’t be donuts.

Mmmm, donuts.

[Image: Ford]

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