Look at the Glass on That: Your Regularly Scheduled Jeep Grand Wagoneer Update Arrives

It’s a day of the week, which means it’s time for another installment in Jeep’s ongoing teaser campaign for its upcoming full-size SUVs. Thankfully, the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, or at least the latter model, will see the light of day on September 3rd.

The images released by Jeep on Friday show additional glitter and acres of roof glass, but the vehicle itself might not be exactly what greets buyers next year.

Nothing strikes fear into hopeful hearts like the appearance of the word “concept,” but that’s apparently what the vehicle being teased is. As noted by Motor1, the Facebook Live caption for next week’s reveal cites a “Wagoneer Concept,” leading us to hope the unwrapped vehicle closely mirrors the production model. From what we’ve seen, the Wagoneer/Jeep Wagoneer needn’t be a piece of vaporware. Production stars in the second quarter of 2021; as such, the vehicle revealed on September 3rd will likely be more of a pre-production prototype than something fanciful and exaggerated.

Zoom in on that lengthy glass roof and you’ll see a map of Detroit laid over top of it. Alrighty. The middle second-row seatback also seems to be folded down for the convenience of outer-seat passengers, or it’s a complete console.


As for the second image, chrome-laden vents and brushed metal dash sides lends the interior an upscale, retro flair. It also works well with what we’ve seen of the vehicle/concept’s exceptionally bright grille.

You’ll also note an inscription of the vehicle’s outline, underscored by “Est. 1963” — the model’s birth date.

With six days to go before Jeep reveals the vehicle in full, we wager’s there still an opportunity for at least one additional teaser.

[Images: Jeep/Twitter]

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