Hyundai Sonata recall indicates wrong direction

Certain Hyundai Sonata mid-size sedans are being recalled for a faulty turn signal indicating the opposite direction than intended, the NHTSA disclosed on Monday.

A software malfunction mixes up the turn signal, so vehicles of drivers intending to turn right might indicate the sedan is turning left. The malfunction affects more than 466,000 sedans, including the 2015-2017 Sonata, 2016-2017 Sonata Hybrid, and 2016-2017 Sonata plug-in hybrid. The driver will see the false indicator in the instrument cluster. 

Earlier this year, sister company Kia extended warranties on 2015-2016 Kia Sedona minivans for a similar problem. Hyundai said it’s aware of 631 warranty claims by Sonata owners for the same “misdirection condition” as the Kia Sedona. Hyundai said it’s not aware of any crashes or incidents relating to the opposite indictor. 

Owners will be notified of the recall as early as Nov. 19. Dealers will update the software free of charge, and reimbursement will be provided to owners who had the work done. Owners can check on the status of their Sonata by calling Hyundai customer service at 855-371-9460 or visiting Hyundai’s recall site