Hummer Edition 1 Already Gone


So, you liked that new GMC Hummer EV you saw last night, either on these pages or during the World Series. You want one, and you’ve got the scratch to plunk down over $110K and the patience to wait for the first builds a year from now.

Well, if you’re planning to reserve a Hummer EV Edition 1, if you snoozed, you lost.

That’s right, the first-edition Edition 1 models sold out in 2 hours.

How many were there? Forum users suggest just 1,000.

GMC wouldn’t confirm that number, but the company did tell a forum user who reached out to P.R. that anyone who wants an Edition 1 can be placed on a waiting list when they reserve their Hummer, and that “thousands” are on the waiting list.

The good news is if you’re more patient, you can still reserve one of the other trims. Those trims cost less, too. So unless you really, really want the Edition 1 for whatever reason, you need not fret.

Not all the Hummers are gone. Just the one that’s most likely, as of now, to be a future collectible.

[Image: GMC]

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