GM Teases Part of Its EV Plans at CES

Image: GM

The Consumer Electronics Show, typically held in Las Vegas in January, is virtual this year. Because of the coronavirus, as I am sure you’d expect.

Tuesday’s keynote speech came from General Motors and following up on the launch of a new logo last week – one meant to work in concert with the company’s electric-vehicle plans – the General did indeed show, or at least tease, some of those EV plans.

Michael Simcoe, GM’s Vice President of Global Design, stood in front of several planned EVs as he spoke. Two aren’t news. That would the Cadillac Lyriq and Hummer EV truck – we’ve known about each for some time. More interesting were two planned Buick EV SUVs, an electric pickup for Chevrolet, the Cadillac Celestiq EV sedan, and an EV of unknown provenance.

GM had little to say about any of this, but from what we can see of the Buicks, they look different when compared with the brand’s current styling direction. Meanwhile, the Chevy pickup has an illuminated light bar that spans the width of the grille and a light-up bow-tie emblem.

As for the Celestiq, expect AWD, a glass roof, adjustable window tint, and four-wheel steering.

There’s more TK (that’s journalist code for “to come”), we’re sure. For now, feast your eyes on some cars hidden in the shadows over at Roadshow.

[Image: GM]

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