GM-Honda Alliance? Quite Possibly – Both Automakers Just Signed an MoU

Maybe a Civic-based Chevrolet Cruze revival isn’t an insane idea after all. On Thursday morning, General Motors and Honda announced the signing of a non-binding memorandum of understanding to pave the way for a North American alliance.

Platform and powertrain sharing in several segments would be part of this strategic tie-up, the automakers claim, leading one to wonder what the future holds for the increasingly cosy longtime rivals. 

“Under the proposed alliance, Honda and GM would collaborate on a variety of segments in North America, intending to share common vehicle platforms, including both electrified and internal combustion propulsion systems that align with the vehicle platforms,” the automakers said in a release. “Co-development planning discussions will begin immediately, with engineering work beginning in early 2021.”

A range of co-developed vehicles would be sold under both company’s core brands, the automakers said.

Much like Ford and Volkswagen, strategic alliances allow for a sharing of strengths and a reduction in R&D costs, but this proposed partnership strikes close to home. It’s reminiscent of the GM-Toyota joint venture of the 1980s and ’90s.

— Matthew the Car Guy (@DudeDrivesCars) September 3, 2020

[Images: General Motors, Honda]

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