Ford Teases Electric F-150

electric f-150. Youtube screenshot

We’re as tired of teasers as you likely are, but Ford nevertheless slipped one into its other news from earlier this week.

Matt noted that Ford claimed the truck would be cheaper to own than the gas model, and that it would be produced in Michigan as part of a major investment, but what else do we know about it?

If the teaser image is any indication, it will have different looks than the gasser, that’s for sure. At least up front. The shape is similar and familiar, but a LED light bar appears to run from one side to the other, surrounding both the headlights and the grille.

Yes, a grille on an EV, although it is unclear if it’s cosmetic or lets air through. The lights looks smaller than what’s on the other F-150 models, and the grille has a three-dimensional look. Even if the grille doesn’t provide cooling – yes, EVs need cooling, too – there could be air dams below it.

We still don’t know details about the powertrain, but it could be that the F-150 will use two electric motors, one per axle, to get things moving. A lithium-ion battery pack would supply the juice.

There should be a “frunk”, or front trunk, and Ford claims it will be the fastest accelerating F-150 ever. Not shocking (no pun intended), considering the torque figures associated with electric motors, and the instant availability of said torque.

Towing and payload should be class-competitive.

Production should start in the second half of 2022, marking the truck as a 2023 model. It likely won’t be cheap. Competition will include the crabby Hummer EV from GMC, and perhaps entries from Rivian and Tesla (yes, that might mean the Cybertruck).

Electric truck wars? Who’d have thunk it?

[Image: Ford via YouTube screenshot]

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