Finally, Mazda Starts Off 2020 on the Right Foot With a U.S. Sales Surge – but the Mazda 3 Disaster Reaches New Proportions

Not since 1990 had sales of the Mazda 3 (or its predecessors) fallen to such low levels. Despite obvious improvements, all-wheel-drive availability, and a shrinking pool of small-car rivals, only 50,741 copies of the 3 found homes in the U.S. in 2019. Mazda’s upmarket intentions, most obviously evidenced by the departure of the 3’s entry-level engine, were partly to blame for Mazda 3 sales falling to less than half of 2015’s output. Compared with an already disappointing 2018, Mazda 3 sales last year were down by more than a fifth.

Now, compared to that dreadful kickoff in 2019, Mazda 3 sales in January 2020 plunged even further, tumbling by nearly half to only 2,496 units. January’s Mazda 3 total fell nearly 1,000 units shy of 2019’s worst monthly total. (Over the last decade, the Mazda 3’s January tally has averaged over 6,800 units.) Related

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