European Union Empowered to Recall Vehicles Over Emission Violations

According to Reuters, the European Commission will also be able revoke roadworthiness certifications. That’s likely to make the automotive industry more vulnerable to compensation claims from European customers purchasing vehicles that are later taken off the road. Rather than taking several smaller hits over a longer timeline, European manufacturers would now be subjected to one colossal lump sum. The Commission has already invested roughly €7 million into two testing labs for conducting vehicle tests.

However, individual nations will still be required to conduct tests on models already in circulation to ensure they’re eligible for continued certification. In fact, the EU suggested this will be an important aspect of uncovering vehicles utilizing defeat devices that are primarily aimed at beating preliminary emissions assessments (typically conducted in labs) but are less adept at fooling on-road appraisals.

[Images: Quinta/Shutterstock]

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