Bon Voyage: Toyota Land Cruiser Cruises Off into the Sunset

Image: Toyota

The Toyota Land Cruiser seemed destined to remain on the market, forever unchanged, until the universe collapses into one giant black hole (or whatever would happen – astronomy classes were a long time ago).

Alas, even the Land Cruiser must meet its fate sooner or later. And Motor Authority is reporting that it is sooner, not later.

MA is reporting that a source on a forum has the Land Cruiser marked for death after the 2021 model year, with no apparent replacement or redesign in sight. The Land-Cruiser based Lexus LX, however, will soldier on, but with a turbo V6 instead of the venerable 5.7-liter V8. Again, according to the forum source.

This makes sense, as the Land Cruiser ain’t cheap, so Toyota might as well keep it around as an offering sold by its luxury arm.

As you know by now, speculation that bubbles up via forums often needs to be taken with not just a grain, but a silo, of salt. Yes, forums get it right sometimes, but there’s no guarantee.

On the other hand, further reporting by the lads at the Internet Brands-owned site involving a source in the dealer world does appear to confirm what was said on the forum.

Apparently, the off-road-friendly rig will go out with the return of the Heritage Edition model and addition of an available third-row.

We can’t say we’re surprised by this – the Land Cruiser is ancient in terms of platform, it’s expensive, and it sucks gas. Outside of hardcore off-roaders, it’s hard to see who the audience is for this vehicle, and sales have cratered.

Fret not, ye of the ways of the trail – there is a next-generation Land Cruiser planned, although launch timing is unknown. Fret, ye American, as the next-gen Land Cruiser may not be sold here.

Whether it is sold on these shores or only in other markets, Motor Authority expects the next generation of the classic off-roader to use the turbo V6 that’s slated for the Lexus version, with the possible availability of a hybrid system that also uses V6 power.

Fare thee well, Land Cruiser.

[Image: Toyota]

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