Audi Bringing Future And Past Icons To Monterey Car Week

Audi fans have plenty to look forward at this year’s Monterey Car Week. The German automaker announced it will be bringing some special motorsport heroes to display alongside its electric concept cars. Friday, August 19, will be dedicated to the “sphere” vehicles, which will be on display at The Quail.

This family of three electric concepts includes the elegant Grandsphere concept, a sophisticated grand tourer with plenty of room for occupants, dramatic suicide doors and Level 4 self-driving capability. Grandsphere will also be on display at Pebble Beach.

It will also be joined by the drop-dead gorgeous Skysphere concept, a 624-horsepower cabriolet that has the ability to shorten its wheelbase. Created for traffic-heavy regions in China, the Audi Urbansphere is the last member of the so-called Sphere family, designed to act as a third living space – between home and office – where occupants can choose to work or sit back during traffic.