2022 Hyundai Kona Arrives With New Looks, N Line Variant

The N Line also comes with 18-inch wheels and a tweaked steering ratio. But for those who prefer the black trim and a lower price tag, and don’t mind a car making around 20 hp less, Hyundai will continue offering a more SUV-like base model. The standard touchscreen has grown to 8 inches, with a 10.2-inch version available that makes use of the latest software. All upcoming Konas benefit from a smidgen more rear legroom  according to the manufacturer.

Hyundai is also offering both the older 1.6-liter diesel and 1.0-liter gasoline engines with 48-volt hybrid technology, but that’s for the European market. Details on the North American version were sadly absent this week, forcing us to guess as to what exactly will hit our territory. Neither of the previous two units seem a good fit for the United States, leading us to wonder if the automaker will stick with the 2.0-liter MPI as the base or perhaps downgrade the current 1.6-liter GDI found in the top-trimmed Konas of today.


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