2022 Genesis G70 Redefined by Refresh

Genesis has predictably brought the G70 onboard with the rest of its lineup’s familial styling. Fortunately, the look the company has gone for has successfully merged disparate concepts by being both spectacular and incredibly tasteful. While your author would have argued that prior Genesis models had aped German exteriors so effectively that they might actually be beating Deutschland at its own game, the new designs only serve extend its advantage. It seems as though everything Hyundai Motor Group touches these days can’t help but have a stunning exterior and it’s true from the sub-$25,000 Kia K5 right on up to the $72,000 Genesis G90.

Quad lamps (front and rear) are now the hallmark of Genesis Motor and have finally been affixed to the G70, giving it a more refined and luxury-focused appearance. It’s also quite unique across the industry and helps distinguish the Korean brand from other nameplates at a distance. While many (including your author) enjoyed the sporting musculature on the current model, 2022 will be a more opulent affair better suited to the frugal fanciness the Genesis has become synonymous with.

By contrast, the interior goes largely unchanged from the 2021 model year. Exceptions to this rule include the new 10.3-inch infotainment screen that has supplanted the old 8-inch model while adding Apple CarPlay (Android Auto was already available) and over-the-air updates. While the latter is wholly unnecessary and perhaps a bit troublesome in some instances, it’s becoming standard issue within the industry and offers a few unique perks.

Remote bug fixes are a blessing and it’s nice to see features added to a vehicle that’s been on the road a year. But these systems also give the manufacturer more control over your vehicle (think obnoxious phone updates), direct access to your personal data, and may expose you to new security risks. Ah well, nobody is perfect and Genesis probably felt the need to do this to keep up with the rest of the vampires running the automotive industry.

At any rate, I’m still sprung on the G70. My only fear is that the quad-lamp design will look super dated by 2030, only to become the thing that makes them “modern classics” just a few years later.

Genesis plans on supplying more information about the model in a few weeks, with a company spokesperson telling us to anticipate details regarding the sedan’s luxury and safety innovations. Presumably, we’ll be hearing about what’s lurking beneath the sheet metal too. It’s a refresh year, so we shouldn’t assume a wholly new list of powertrain options. But there may be a surprise or two when the car launch in South Korea next month. North America and Europe will have to wait until 2021 before they can purchase the G70, however.

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