2021 Honda Accord Pricing: Under $25K to Start


Hi gang! My name is Tim Healey, I am the managing editor of this here site, and I done goofed. Or may have, anyway.

Earlier this week, I wrote up the news about the 2021 Honda Accord, working off an embargoed press release. I wrote the draft Friday, put it into our content management system on Sunday evening, and set it to go live when the embargo lifted Monday morning.

While doing this, I either didn’t see the pricing and on-sale date info in the release somehow, or Honda updated later and I didn’t see it. So maybe I screwed up and missed two key details, or maybe not, but I’d like to make amends to you, the reader, by posting that info now. I’m doing this instead of updating the main post because that post is a few days old now and you’d likely not see the update.

Anyway, mea culpas aside, the refreshed Accord will start at $24,770, with hybrids starting at $26,370. That doesn’t include a destination and delivery fee of $955. Looking at trims of note: Accord Sport models will run $27,320, Sport SEs $28,720, and a top-trim Touring $36,700, all before D and D. A Sport 2.0T is $31,910 before destination, and a top-line Hybrid Touring is $36,240.

Key fuel-economy numbers are also out, and the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid Accord achieve 30/38/33 (mpg city/highway/combined) while most hybrids are at 48/48/48, except the Touring (44/41/43).

The 2021 Accord is on sale at dealers now.

[Images: Honda]

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