2021 Ford F-150 Rockets Into Esports


The 2021 Ford F-150 has a plethora of parts and accessories available, but none like a rocket booster that comes with a virtual version of Ford’s best-seller.


Video game maker Psyonix has added an animated F-150 to their popular Rocket League multiplayer video game, where vehicles are used to compete in soccer matches. Available for in-game purchase February 20-28, the F-150 Rocket League Edition (RLE) bundle includes a chairman decal, two sets of wheels, RLE engine audio, rocket booster, and a player banner.


The F-150 in Rocket League comes after Ford’s success in sponsoring other titles, such as Xbox’s Forza. Working alongside Psyonix, a video game developer of note, the icon was created. Commercial shorts narrated by ‘Breaking Bad’ actor Bryan Cranston will be produced by Ford, targeted at gamers.


“It had to be an F-150 but one that fits within Psyonix’ extreme virtual world pairing soccer and mayhem,” said Ehab Kaoud, chief designer, Ford trucks. “F-150 is already the most popular truck in the real world, and this F-150 Rocket League Edition is poised to be the most popular truck in the gaming world, too. It’s Built Ford Tough meets gaming.”

Ford will serve as presenting sponsor of this month’s Rocket League Championship Series Winter Majors with an arena filled with billboards, and a special F-150 repair vehicle that repaints boundary lines and tows away damaged vehicles. In addition, Ford is sponsoring the Ford + Rocket League Freestyle Invitational, a competition where select players show off their best moves and tricks in-game, with one contestant winning a real 2021 Ford F-series pickup.

More than 214 million Americans play video games, and 75 percent of all U.S. households are home to at least one gamer, according to the gaming industry’s Entertainment Software Association.

“As opportunities in gaming continue to grow, we’re really looking at this as its own marketing channel,” said Scott Denby, strategy manager, Ford brand content and alliances. “It’s the same way you would look at social media or TV and film integration. We’re identifying authentic ways to be involved in gaming and to do it in a meaningful way. We want to make sure we’re adding to the player communities’ experience.”

[Images: Ford]

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