2021 Ford Bronco Sports Called Back for Jiggly Suspension Modules


Ford has announced that 1,666 2021 Ford Bronco Sports are being called back for jiggly rear suspension modules. Seems that someone in the Hermosillo, Mexico assembly plant didn’t secure the rear suspension module to the subframe, which could affect the vehicle’s stability.


1,640 Broncos in the U.S. and its territories are affected, another 24 in Canada, and two in Mexico. These loose or missing bolts could increase the risk of an accident, and injury due to a reduction in rear-impact collision performance.


The build dates at the Mexican assembly plant were from July 22, to November 24, 2020. Ford dealers are being asked to check the bolts, tighten them if possible, or to replace them if it isn’t. The number for this recall is 21504. There have been no reports of any accidents due to rear suspension modules who have the wobbles.

[Images © 2020 Tim Healey/TTAC; Ford]

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