2020 Land Rover Defender Leaked … by Land Rover

Image: JLR

Hoping to generate some buzz ahead of its reveal, Land Rover released an incomplete, low-resolution side-on image of the upcoming, reborn Defender on Tuesday. The model, which disappeared from European dealers after its aging body was declared a danger to modern pedestrians, will return next year as a 2020 model. Apparently, it will hold on to its beloved boxy shape, as anything less would inspire French-style street protests on United Kingdom carriageways.

Also, unlike the last Defender, this one’s coming to America.

As reported by Automotive News last April, Jaguar Land Rover’s U.S. chief, Joe Eberhardt, uttered, “We’ve said it’s a global vehicle. The United States is on the globe,” in response to questions regarding the model’s U.S. availability. Given that this teaser comes by way of JLR’s American arm, suffice it to say you’ll see them here.

The automaker discontinued the long-running Defender in early 2016, the result of updated European pedestrian crash tests the model didn’t have a hope in hell of passing. Apparently, bricks don’t provide much buffering. Americans last saw new Defenders, offered in two wheelbases, in 1974.

Still, despite a slew of new product from the automaker, including the new Range Rover Velar, the Defender’s link to the first Land Rover model of 1948 ensured an outcry after its death. The company soon started work on a replacement. The new model, besides conforming to crash regulations, will also have to abide by strict emissions regulations. That makes weight a factor. It’s expected that the next-generation model — offered, as before, in two wheelbases — will shed pounds through extensive use of aluminum. JLR’s line of Ingenium engines is standing by to provide power, and designers have surely put some sandpaper to the model’s rough edges in pursuit of a better drag coefficient figure.

As the image provided shows, it seems we’ll learn more about this vehicle immediately after Christmas. December 27th is the date provided, meaning the tweed crowd can keep their holiday celebrations going a little longer.

[Image: Jaguar Land Rover]

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