2020 Corvette Dealer Allocations Reportedly Cut

The extended UAW GM strike of 2019 was the longest the automotive industry endured in a couple of generations. At the time, General Motors said the situation would delay production across its entire model lineup, including the 2020 Corvette. The mid-engined C8 is all-new, encouraging plenty of interest. It was assumed the model was destined to be sold out months before the strike occurred.

While GM later confirmed models were still available, it warned that the strike might delay its launch and could impact dealer allocations. In November, the manufacturer said the C8 wouldn’t arrive until February of 2020, though the latest word from retailers indicates GM will cut back on allocations of the C8.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering GM lost roughly three months of production due to the strike, that the company probably won’t have enough time left in the year to meet demand before 2021 models start showing up in the fall. According to Bachman Chevrolet’s Mike Davenport, better known as YouTube’s Chevy Dude, the manufacturer informed him that his dealership could expect a 15-percent cut to its 2020 ‘Vette allocations.

Unsatisfied with the reasons given, Davenport said he engaged in some light detective work. “With the plant being shut down for 90 days, there have been some internal issues,” he explained. “That’s going to scale back production I think close to 20 percent.”

While that makes one wonder what excuse GM initially gave Davenport, nobody is going to doubt the strike as the main factor. However, that also means some people probably won’t be eligible to receive a 2020 C8, even if they have already expressed an interest in buying one. Mike said GM will likely prioritize orders that are the most complete and recommends contacting your dealer to make sure your form doesn’t require any touch-ups. It also probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to be extra friendly with sales staff if you absolutely cannot wait until the 2021 model year — which is supposed to arrive in September.

Dealers can also earn additional allocations; Mike noted that most orders from the largest Chevy outlets should be secure. Plenty of people, however, may be forced into waiting after failing to secure a preferred place in line. If you don’t already have a Corvette order on the books, you probably missed your window for this year.

[Images: General Motors]

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